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The offices of tomorrow? They're much more than just workspaces!

The last two years have had a major impact on our lifestyles, fundamentally revolutionising the way that we work. The advent of flex-offices is transforming office buildings and this now lies at the heart of company strategies. In particular, this transformational approach is built around providing a personalised and immersive user experience in order to make teams want to get back to the office.  

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31 Central

31 Central : Latest-generation offices right in the heart of Brussels

Constructed in 1966, the iconic tower on Rue de l'Hôpital in Brussels has completed its transformation following an ambitious facelift that has restored the status of this iconic building. Renamed "31Central", the building now houses contemporary workspaces whose capacity in terms of workstations/fresh air supply ranks among the best, ensuring the building meets the new needs of occupants and the new demands of the post-Covid era.

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Renego office lease

How do you go about renegotiating your office lease agreement?

Offices represent a company's second largest outlay after wages. So, when a company comes to the end of its lease agreement or is planning to invest in new projects, it quite understandably reviews its real estate strategy. This is not just about trying to optimise costs, however, because offices now sit at the heart of a company's overall strategy more than ever, as vehicles for economic and social transformation. 

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