4 issues to consider

These are initial considerations that our experts explore with you, as part of the assessment.

Purchase or rental?

Our real estate experts look at the market and guide you towards the most appropriate choice, according to the latest trends, your needs and the degree of maturity of your company.

The location

Based on the data and tools at our disposal, as well as on market research carried out in-house, we identify the location that best meets your business requirements. Specifically, we ensure that your customers and service providers have easy access to your facilities.

The working environment

What works for one company does not necessarily work for another. Our teams of specialists help you define and identify the working environment that best fits your business objectives and corporate culture.


Our teams guide you throughout the negotiation process, calling on our experts in technical, legal and contractual matters where necessary. In this way, we help you to secure the best possible terms for entering and leaving the premises.

Do you have another project ?

Invest in Real Estate

We help you to develop your short-term, medium-term or long-term sales and acquisition strategies.


Project Management

A dedicated team providing comprehensive management over your works.


Value your property

Our experts assist you in assessing your asset or portfolio.