Committed to a sustainable urban environment

In 2050, there will be 10 billion human beings on Earth, 80% of whom will live in cities*. As a major player in the European real estate market, BNP Paribas Real Estate has a duty to think about and build a sustainable urban environment for the future, to meet the expectations of our customers and partners through responsible, innovative real estate products and services that contribute to the development of a sustainable urban environment, for today and tomor-row.

Source : ONU 2018

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Driven by a culture of responsibility and integrity based on best practices, BNP Paribas Real Estate's ambition is to ensure the long-term development of the company while guaranteeing its positive impact on society. Our CSR policy is a strategic challenge aimed at creating long-term value shared with our customers, partners and all our stakeholders. This translates into a willingness at the highest level of our governance to combine performance, responsibility, ethics and transparency

Thierry Laroue-Pont
CEO BNP Paribas Real Estate

Our ways of living and working are changing. The urban environment must adapt to these changes by involving all of its participants, whether this is in designing offices and housing, participating in the economic and social life of the regions in which we operate, developing our employees’ skills, or sup-porting disability and encouraging diversity.

As such, CSR is a factor of innovation and economic performance for our customers and for our-selves.

Catherine Papillon
Catherine Papillon
Directrice International Développement Durable/RSE

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global call to commit to a fairer future for humanity and the planet. To define its actual and potential contribution to this challenge, BNP Paribas Real Estate has analysed the link between the SDGs and its own CSR commitments defined in its CSR policy, “Inspire Real Estate 2020”. We also used a real estate benchmark and the recommendations of the World Green Building Council relating to the contribution of green buildings to the SDGs.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Corporate Social Responsibility

The BNP Paribas Real Estate vision

Through 4 key objectives and 12 solid commitments

Our CSR policy consists of 4 responsibilities (economic, environmental, social and civil), plus 12 commitments.

Our ambition is to meet the expectations of our customers and partners through responsible, innovative real estate products and services and to contribute to the development of sustaina-ble urban environments.

CSR strategy

All our indicators online

In the interests of transparency and ethics with regard to its stakeholders, BNP Paribas Real Estate has developed an online reporting platform based on the methodology implemented by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This method is based on a set of performance indicators that make it pos-sible to measure the progress of companies in pursuing their sustainable development policy by taking into account governance, economic, environmental and social criteria.

Good health and well-being

Affordable and clean energy

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

Measures relating to the fight against climate change

Life on land

The relevant sustainable development goals that have been integrated into our Inspire Real Estate 2020 strategy

Quality education

Gender equality

Clean water and sanitation

The fight against injustice

Protection of the environment

Our RSE politics

  1. Our economic responsibility

    Building innovative product and service offerings with our customers and partners in an ethical and responsible manner

    • Strengthening partnerships and developing co-construction with all our stakeholders
    • Developing an innovative and responsible offer in terms of real estate products and services
    • Ensuring and guaranteeing ethics and governance with full transparency

  2. Our environmental responsibility

    Reducing the environmental impact of our activities and making environmental quality a lever for mate-rial and non-material performance

    • Taking climate change issues into account in our real estate products and services offerings
    • Reducing the direct and indirect environmental impact of our various activities
    • Making the environmental performance of our offers a performance lever

  3. Our social responsibility

    Fostering the development and commitment of our employees

    • Offering a healthy, flexible, innovative working environment in order to actively contribute to the well-being of our employees.
    • Promoting diversity, equal opportunities and the employability of our teams
    • Developing and strengthening everyone's CSR skills

  4. Our civil responsibility

    Being a committed player in the responsible real estate sector and supporting local initiatives

    • Contributing to the development of the local economy
    • Promoting CSR knowledge and influence in the real estate sector
    • Supporting solidarity initiatives