At the heart of our strategy:

Innovation and digital transformation

We imagine, design and build the real estate of tomorrow, thanks to innovative offers and services, as well as through first-rate partnerships with start-ups, and intrapreneurship projects that we believe and invest in to support their growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR policy is based on a strong vision. This approach commits us to our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Conformity, ethics and transparency

We have a Compliance Department that ensures proper monitoring of the regulations in force in each region in which we operate.

Looking forwards to better anticipate the urban environment of tomorrow

Data: a matter of analysis

Creating value from continuous data flows requires a mastery of data science and data analyt-ics tools.

Integrating new technologies

Thanks to the boom in new technologies, buildings are now designed to produce their own data and communicate and interact with their environment. This information enables real estate strategies to be optimised and management tools to be improved. A revolution is under way, moving from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services, offering more services to people.

Integrating and supporting new ways of working

Flexibility and collaboration are gaining ground in our personal and professional lives. The chal-lenge is to imagine a new way of managing space and to integrate these organisational and managerial revolutions into a global, coherent company project. Key to this is the creation of links and value.

Well-being: an essential element

We make sure that each of the spaces we offer you respects the new uses. Employee devel-opment has become a key factor of competitiveness and is essential for attracting and retaining talent. Well-being emerges where the values of the individual connect with those of his or her company.

Building a sustainable urban environment

Today's building is home to environmental performance solutions. For example, it incorporates smart power grids that benefit the entire surrounding neighbourhood, or features green walls and roofs capable of regulating the internal temperature of offices or homes.

Opening up to the city

The real estate projects we imagine are part of a collaborative dynamic born of new ways of living, working, consuming and moving. They adopt mixed urban approaches that favour shared use of spaces and services in order to encourage diversity and promote exchange with-in neighbourhoods.

The new logistics economy

The retail and e-commerce markets are evolving very rapidly, boosting the logistics real estate sector. The need for extra-large warehouses capable of adapting to future technologies and trends (automation linked to big data, robotics, use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles) is constantly increasing and we are convinced that we must grow with them.

Reinventing the retail trade

Since consumers' first contact with brands these days is increasingly digital, stores need to reinvent themselves to be more personalised and to make the most of physical and sensory interaction with customers. More than ever, the physical store is the place for an experience that is part of an omnichannel customer journey.

One of the great assets of our company is its ability to develop its business practices and adapt them to changes in their environment, in particular through particularly effective training systems. Thanks to this, BNP Paribas Real Estate is a forerunner in digitalisation, for example. This culture of anticipation also explains why we are one of the most committed companies in the field of CSR and SRI, as well as in terms of supplier charters, labels and certifications, and building accessibility for people with reduced mobility. We are the business for a changing world!

Thierry Laroue-Pont
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Your objectives are ours as well

We are engaged in an ambitious, continuous, sustainable growth process, based on impressive eco-nomic and financial results. They enable us to maintain our position as a major player in the Belgian and European real estate market, whatever the type of asset: offices, housing, serviced residences, logistics platforms, shops, hotels, land - an offer that covers all real estate assets throughout their life cycle.