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A constant search for optimisation:

Your operating costs

We offer tailor-made management of your property, designed to optimise your operating costs. Our objective is to find the right balance between controlling the costs for you and the level of service provided to your occupiers. To achieve this, we ensure that we offer services adapted to the needs of your tenants, arrange the necessary upkeep and maintenance, and control your energy costs.

Your income

We represent you in dealings with your tenants. We ensure that leases are properly executed and that statutory obligations are observed. We manage the administrative, accounting and financial monitoring of your property for you, while making it a point of honour to look after the well-being of your occupiers.

Your cash flow

We keep up-to-date accounting records for each of your buildings and tenants, ensuring prompt payment and collection of outstanding rents and charges - all in full compliance with (international) standards. You benefit from expert advice in optimising your cash flow.

Delegate the management of your assets

We take care of the day-to-day management of your building

Administrative management

We help you with the building administrative management : property title, permits, leases and registrations, premises assessment, lease guarantees, contracts with suppliers, insurance policy, etc.

Rental management

We are the link to your tenants. Using an effective marketing strategy, we help you search for trustworthy candidates. Then we ensure that the leases are properly executed and that your tenants' expectations are met. If necessary, we offer you advice on any work or improvements that need to be made to improve the rental value.

Financial management

Invoicing, collecting rent and taxes, issuing statements, collecting outstanding payments etc. - we ensure that your administrative tasks are handled efficiently and transparently.

Technical management

We take care of all the technical aspects of your properties, from negotiation of your maintenance contracts to the upgrading of your real estate assets, including coordination of your various service providers.

Risk management

Managing technical and regulatory risks, particularly those relating to safety and the environment, is a priority for BNP Paribas Real Estate. We therefore guarantee the compliance of the real estate assets we manage. Our staff make it a point of honour to follow a strict code of conduct that reflects our values.

We check that the occupation of your premises complies with the conditions stipulated in your lease and ensure that your services always meet the latest standards. In addition, we make sure that your maintenance and upkeep operations are carried out in a way that meets your tenants' expectations.

David Goldfinger
David Goldfinger

The quest for performance and occupier well-being

Achieving your performance objectives, building occupier loyalty and improving profitability are the new challenges in property management. These are all objectives that have a common interest in the well-being of the occupiers. To support you, BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management Belgium offers you a wide range of tailor-made services aimed at optimising the user experience, and thus the performance of your assets


Efficient management of your building reinforces its attractiveness in the eyes of potential tenants.

Respect for the environment

We help you improve the environmental performance of your asset so that it can be certified.


You will receive comprehensive, reliable reports that keep you regularly informed about the management of your property.

Latest standards

We track the development of the regulatory and fiscal landscape to guarantee that your property is always managed in line with the applicable standards.

Do you have a project?

Invest in Real Estate

We help you to develop your short-term, medium-term or long-term sales and acquisition strategies.


Project Management

A dedicated team providing comprehensive management over your works.


Value your property

Our experts assist you in assessing your asset or portfolio.