As part of its business development, Eloy purchased 11 hectares from Ecowoodz (50% owned by IMG, the other half by Green-Invest), located in Engis, near Liège. This concerns the decommissioned Cegram site, which is being demolished and will be reconverted. BNP Paribas Real Estate Belgium led the dialogue between the two parties.

This is a major project for Eloy. The group wants to deconstruct the site and prepare it for new economic activities by 2025. Other important goal: exploit the waterway. Indeed, the site is adjacent to the Meuse and already has 240 meters of existing wharf. Shipping is not only more sustainable but also allows more volume to be transported in one journey.

By concluding this deal, BNP Paribas Real Estate enables this important partner to develop and make the site at the heart of the golden triangle greener. Located by the Meuse, near the Liège airport and the city, it is an important location for the region’s economy. By reducing the ecological footprint of the site (photovoltaic panels on the roof, etc.), the lot will meet current expectations. Future tenants and residents will benefit from these efforts.

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