Environmental transition at the centre of real estate projects

The construction sector is by far one of the largest energy-intensive sources in Europe. While environmental performance remains at the top of the agenda, real estate stakeholders are giving particular thought to increasing energy efficiency and taking significant steps to reduce their carbon emissions.

Indeed, it is becoming essential to be aware of the different levers of action linked to the energy performance of a building, the new technologies and the data for monitoring and measuring carbon emissions.

In this edition you will find:

  • ​Key figures to better understand the issues and techniques for auditing and analysing real estate assets
  • An expert opinion from the different BNP Paribas Real Estate business lines on environmental challenges in the real estate sector
  • An overview of the achievements of our teams in terms of environmental upgrading and performance

Building green: driving environmental change

In this BuzzWords is a study about the implementation of a green strategy and the rating systems to be used to assess the sustainability of buildings. BNP Paribas Real Estate highlights the main challenges, future developments and investment solutions to meet current energy and environmental challenges, through responsible and environmentally friendly real estate assets for a more sustainable future. 

Key points:

  • The EU’s plan to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050
  • The "Race to Zero" initiative supported by the UN aims to reduce carbon emissions by 2030
  • 5 points to know how to respond to ESG issues
  • Three levels of expertise to support the performance of your assets


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