Valuation for loan/mortgage security

Estimate the collateral risk of a loan for a property project


Property financing and refinancing require a thorough analysis of the risks borne by the lending institution. Our aim is to provide you with a broad and comprehensive picture of property risks, to help you take the right decisions with complete peace of mind.

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Your challenges

To secure finance for your property assets

To ensure a maximum return on investment and minimum risk when assembling a financing package, it is essential to fully understand your needs in relation to:


  • Availability of financing for a property project
  • Assessing the financial risks attached to a property project
  • Determining the covenant ratios, and especially the loan to value (LTV) or interest-covered ratio (ICR)
  • Regularly updating value changes to remain in step with your ratios and covenants
  • Meeting the lending institution's requirements

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Our services

Estimating the value of assets used as collateral

To help you take the right decisions, we are able to:


  • Analyse the market, the positioning of a property on its market and changes in sector-related risks
  • Assess the property’s condition
  • Examine legal and regulatory factors
  • Assess the rental income generated by the building by evaluating the financial impact of those factors likely to influence it (vacant periods, bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Assess the liquidity of the property on the market in the event of either a fair market sale or a forced sale

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The benefits to you

Appreciation of the financial risks attached to your property project

Get a clear picture of the potential risks attached to a property project, delivering you:


  • An analysis based on market reality, through in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of sector benchmarks both in terms of property values and the income generated by properties.
  • Decision support in assessing the quality of a financing package
  • A fair value of the hedged risk
  • A sound basis for estimating the minimum value of a property in the event of either a fair market sale or a forced sale
  • An acknowledged methodology through our experience with the main banks and lenders

Your Contacts

Mouloua Nabil

Nabil Mouloua
Director MRICS
+32 2 643 10 34


Alloo Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Alloo
Senior Valuation Consultant
+32 2 643 10 36


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