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A comprehensive commitment - BNP Paribas Real Estate

BNP Paribas Real Estate has committed, in accordance with the CSR policy applied by BNP Paribas Group, to setting up monitoring of various environmental indicators for its business. In so doing, BNP Paribas Real Estate is complying with the reporting process that enables the Group to produce the annual CSR report audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Advisory.

See the BNP PARIBAS CSR report

Hence, we have been producing key indicators for our business annually since 2010, with:

  • Summary of energy consumed, with breakdown by type.

For 2011, in France only, total consumption in our buildings was 1,950 GWh, 3/4 of which was electricity (compared with 2,038 GWh in 2010)


  • Summary of business travel, with breakdown by means of transport.

For 2011, a ratio of 4,979 km travelled per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for business travel by air, rail and road (compared with 4,794 km in 2010)


  • Summary of paper use, with breakdown by type and proportion of recycled paper:

190 kg of eco-labelled or recycled paper in 2011 (compared with 174 kg/FTE in 2010, of which 30.5% was eco-labelled or recycled)


  • Summary of office supplies consumed, including the proportion of green products

For 2011, 10.2% of products were green (compared with 10.6% in 2010)


  • Water consumption (drinking water and otherwise)

For 2011, 34 m3 of water/FTE (compared with 22 m3 in 2010 – the increase results from improved data collection)


  • Volume of waste, by type, including the proportion recycled.

For 2011, 188 kg of waste/FTE, 34.6% of which was sorted and collected for recycling or recovery (compared with 183 kg and 28% in 2010)

This information makes it possible to determine overall indicators for the environmental impact of our corporate business, and especially a total greenhouse gas emissions figure.

This figure is 3.39 tonnes CO2e per FTE (compared with 3.42 tonnes CO2e/FTE in 2010).

The purpose of these indicators is, of course, to have information available enabling the impact of the actions and measures taken to help reduce our business' Carbon Assessment to be evaluated. Such actions and measures include:

  • Waste management with the gradual implementation of sorting and recycling by type of waste (paper, plastic, light bulbs, etc.) across all sites in France. Head office also has the company canteen food waste treated in a digester, enabling it to be recovered as organic fertiliser.
  • Detailed tracking and optimisation of energy use

In 2012, energy consumption was analysed by usage type in great detail in the head office building (more than 80 metering points) which made it possible to determine which workstations could be improved, by means of comparison with a DES (Dynamic Energy Simulation). Savings of more than 10% have thus been made since January 2012.

This process will continue in 2013 with the plan to obtain HQE property management certification, and the setting up of a monitoring platform with accurate figures.

  • Responsible procurement policy

See the BNP Paribas Supplier CSR policy


  • Business travel reduction policy for employees, featuring in particular more widespread use of video-conferencing facilities.


  • Incorporation of biodiversity with, at head office, the conversion of free areas outside into green spaces as part of the Issy-Bords de Seine eco-district scheme, special potted plants in all office areas to help clean the air indoors, to say nothing of the beehives on the roof to help maintain the balance of natural ecosystems.

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