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Green property with our partners - BNP Paribas Real Estate

As a business combining all the expertise necessary to generate value from property assets, we are in a legitimate position to express our convictions and ideas, sharing our experience in sustainability-related issues for the property industry. To move our partners forward and move forward with them.



The "Eco-Property Management" charter

The "Eco-Property Management" charter put in place in 2008 to encourage property operating companies in particular to:

  • optimise service usage (water, energy, waste disposal)
  • use certified products and materials
  • improve waste sorting and recycling
  • roll out best practice in property management.

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The "Green Suppliers' " charter

The "Green Suppliers' " charter in residential property was set up in 2010 with the aim of encouraging suppliers to commit to:

  • educating and raising the awareness of their own suppliers and their staff;
  • reducing environmental impacts;
  • reducing the waste produced when building and implementing developments;
  • taking control over water and energy consumption during construction phases by producing energy assessments and using renewable energy;
  • improving buildings' energy efficiency.

To date, more than 60 service providers have signed the charter.

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The "Green Site" charter

The "Green Site" charter has been followed since 2005 on all our property development construction sites so as to:

  • reduce the environmental impact (pollution and adverse effects);
  • optimise site waste management (systematic waste sorting, recycling and inspection);
  • ensure both local residents and site staff are kept informed;
  • make certain that all necessary resources are employed to this end.

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La charte RSE des Fournisseurs

En tant que société du Groupe BNP Paribas, nous appliquons pour les activités liées à notre fonctionnement la Charte RSE des Fournisseurs qui reprend les engagements attendus des Fournisseurs en matière de responsabilité sociale et environnementale par les entreprises du Groupe.

Découvrir la Charte RSE des Fournisseurs


BNP Paribas Real Estate also intends, as part of its CSR policy, to contribute to measures of general public benefit likely to improve the efficiency of the equipment and resources needed to responsibly construct and manage buildings.

We are consequently strongly committed to government initiatives through active involvement in the "Plan Bâtiment Grenelle" , the building action plan within the French government-sponsored, multi-party environmental forum, including:

  • the "Signs of Quality" working party that we jointly led;
  • the Tertiary Building Stock Refurbishment , Energy Efficiency Guarantee, and Private Tertiary Building Stock working parties.

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We are also heavily involved with organisations contributing to researching and disseminating the best sustainability solutions:

  • France Green Building Council, of which we are a founder member;
  • The HQE Association, which draws up building environmental assessment benchmarks for new-build, renovation work and operations alike;
  • The IFPEB (Institut Français de la Performance Energétique des Bâtiments - French Institute for Buildings' Energy Performance), which is working on avenues of research into greater energy efficiency;
  • With the certification bodies Certivéa and Cerqual, which draw up appropriate procedures to certify the quality of buildings and building operations;
  • within ISA, the International Sustainability Alliance, of which we are a founder member, the main objective of which is to establish a credible European benchmarking of buildings' comparative performance.

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