With our employees



Inform and educate

We see it as a necessity to regularly inform our staff about sustainability issues and the solutions to be implemented to effectively help resolve them.

Encourage a "Going green" attitude

All BNP Paribas Real Estate staff are periodically reminded about "going green". Besides the regular internal reminders, some specific measures are undertaken in this regard, such as:

  • during France's Sustainable Development Week in 2011, a brochure was published reminding everyone how they could individually contribute, while in 2012, the topic was "Recycling and Reducing Waste".
  • the publication of a sustainable development glossary:

Download the Glossary


Educate and inform about effective solutions

In addition to ongoing individual training, such education takes the form of periodic meetings:

  • by business line: by regularly organising training sessions on the latest regulatory provisions and quality certifications, on trials conducted and the most effective solutions found;
  • inter-business line: by holding "green meetings" on current topics related to sustainability and property.


Direct and coordinate measures taken by the different business lines

To improve the quality of service delivered to our clients and be in a position to offer better services, a Sustainability Committee, reporting to the Chairman of BNP Paribas Real Estate, meets regularly to foster synergies between business lines and ensure consistency in the measures taken across the property chain as a whole:

  • construction with Property Development
  • leasing and sales with Transaction
  • investing with Investment Management
  • operations with Property Management
  • valuations with Consulting and Valuations.


Consideration of the concerns and realities of staff and contributing to their well-being at work and their work-life balance are all part of the social responsibility incumbent upon an employer such as BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Prioritising equal opportunities

Under our human resources policy:

  • we ensure that all companies we work with in recruitment sign a non-discrimination policy;
  • we offer our managers training in diversity management or multicultural management;
  • we are building an active policy of integrating people with disabilities based on offering personal and individual support to employees;
  • training of a guide dog for the blind in a sales outlet;
  • financing for hearing devices;
  • special transport arrangements for staff whose situation demands it.


Work-life balance


We offer our staff a number of services within our head office to help them find the right balance between their private life and working life:

  • a concierge service: dry cleaning, shoe repair, delivery of organic fruit and vegetables, etc.;,
  • a gym and fitness training;
  • 15 childcare places reserved for employees' children in a nursery 300m from our head office.


Special support for staff approaching retirement

We offer our staff retirement planning sessions in the year preceding their retirement. There are two aspects:

  • the first concerns the administrative formalities retirement entails
  • the second addresses the more personal side to the end of a working life, and offers employees support in considering "life after work".

To give our older employees a full picture of their medical situation, we offer them an annual medical check-up.

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