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Managing green buildings with Property Management - BNP Paribas Real Estate

In 2007, BNP Paribas Property Management created the first European charter specifically on sustainable management and maintenance of tertiary buildings, "Eco Property Management ©". Some sixty service providers in Europe have endorsed it.

The charter offers support and guidance to our landlords in implementing new practices in building upkeep and maintenance, and ensuring that service providers comply with them in managing properties. This approach makes our management tools among the most effective in the market.




The Property Management business has implemented true knowledge sharing:

  • Once the occupier has moved in, an intranet site dedicated to the building is put online.
  • This site enables a BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management energy specialist, using a remote toolkit, to measure the building's energy use in real time and to pass on energy efficiency metrics to the owner, maintenance firm and occupiers.
  • At the same time, occupiers have access to this same information in an educational and simplified form.
  • in addition, the user toolkit on the intranet site provides occupiers with many tools such as "going green" posters, ideas for steps that could be taken, a guide to best practice, a guide to environmentally-friendly purchasing, etc.
  • Challenges between tenants are also organised with a view to pushing down energy consumption.
  • Every half-year, a green committee attended by tenants is an opportunity to evaluate operating performance and set new targets for the coming months.


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