Landlord representation

Protect your interests and optimise the returns from your property


We will handle dealings with all third parties involved with your property (tenants, insurers, suppliers) on your behalf, to protect both your interests and your investment. You will receive regularly updated information through a systematic reporting system and ensure your tenants’ satisfaction.

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Your challenges

To control risks associated with your property and subcontract its management

Providing proactive management of your property means handling a number of issues:



  • Managing your obligations and associated risks
  • Ensuring that your suppliers act quickly
  • Efficiently dealing with your administrative tasks
  • Meeting your tenants’ requirements and optimising tenant satisfaction
  • Making use of reliable management and reporting systems
  • Increasing occupancy rates in your properties

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Our services

Protecting your interests and coordinating all third parties

Anticipate the enforcement of regulatory developments and manage your properties by:


  • Coordinating your dealings and communicating with all your contacts
  • Representing your interests with government departments and various authorities
  • Handling your claims
  • Dealing with requests and managing individual tenant issues
  • Monitoring and administrating your insurance policies
  • Acting as your representative with the tax authorities on property management issues.
  • Producing full reports on your properties

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The benefits to you

We manage your relations with third parties professionally and proficiently

Gain the benefit of profesionnal representation through:


  • Better management of risk and disputes
  • Professionally managed multi-tier relationships
  • Recognised legal and administrative expertise
  • Transparent reporting and proven ethical standards

Your Contacts

Van de Putte Frédéric

Frédéric Van de Putte
Chief Executive Officer MRICS
+32 2 290 59 20


Goldfinger David

David Goldfinger
Director Property Operations
Property Management
+32 2 290 59 48


BNP Paribas Real Estate, is also...

Valuation Valorisation

Choice of implantation, leasing renegotiation, opportunity studies... many topics on which our teams guides our clients.

Knowing your local market in depth, anticipating your needs,
providing you bespoke solutions across every Carte implantations
stage of the real estate cycle of your assets…
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