Financial Management

Secure revenue from property and benefit from accurate financial reporting


Monitoring the income and expenditure generated by your buildings, makes it possible for you to optimise the return on your investment. With BNP Paribas Real Estate, you have the information available necessary for accurate financial control and effective management of your property assets.

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Your Challenges

To control income and expenditure for your properties

Keeping financial records for each property, to control the income generated and expenditure incurred, requires the management of several tasks:


  • Accurate invoicing
  • Collecting revenue at the contracted due dates
  • Accurate issuing of statements of account and receipts
  • Evaluating the risks of falling returns and anticipating variances in income or expenditure
  • Fast and accurate processing of bank transactions
  • Monitoring changes in international accounting standards

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Our Services

Providing detailed financial record keeping for your properties

We have recognised expertise in the area of accounting and finance, with financial oversight and reporting tools:  


  • Monitoring the finances and optimising cash-flow from your properties through bookkeeping for each building and tenant, tracking and paying bills, issuing statements of account and receipts, instructing bank transfers etc
  • Anticipating possible budget shortfalls, tax payments
  • Providing automated financial reporting by means of effective IT systems, compatible with your accounting software
  • Supplying any documentary evidence required by auditors, tenants or the tax authorities

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The benefits to you

Delegated financial management for your properties and improved cash-flow

You gain the benefit of proficient financial management delivering:


  • Management of your assets with transparency and peace of mind through the in-depth real estate accounting and financial knowledge of our specialists
  • Advice and recommendations consistent with your financial strategy to increase your cash-flow
  • Reliable figures meeting international standards
  • Reporting that meets your requirements

Your Contacts

Van de Putte Frédéric

Frédéric Van de Putte
Chief Executive Officer MRICS
+32 2 290 59 20


Goldfinger David

David Goldfinger
Director Property Operations
Property Management
+32 2 290 59 48


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