Technical management of the building

To run and improve the technical management of your property


Operational monitoring of the quality of maintenance for your property is an important job but it can be remote from your core business. Our staffs advise you and select and coordinate service providers to deliver optimum operation for your building, in compliance with your contractual obligations.

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Your challenges

To optimise your properties’ maintenance and upkeep

The effective and comprehensive management of your maintenance costs while ensuring the comfort of your occupiers entails meeting a number of needs:


  • Selecting and coordinating all the service providers operating in your building to ensure its smooth running
  • Providing an optimum comfort level for occupiers over the long term
  • Optimising and rationalising service and maintenance contracts
  • Ensuring the long-term future of your property 


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Our services

Coordinating maintenance and service activities

Select and manage all the service providers working on the smooth running of the building, to have optimum services delivered to your occupiers:


  • Drawing up the schedule of conditions for service provisions on the basis of your particular property type, and defining a multi-year action plan
  • Coordinating service calls for preventative maintenance of the building's facilities, e.g. regular inspections, lifts, heating, etc.
  • Coordinating remedial maintenance service calls by providing, replacing or renewing technical equipment on the basis of priorities or any statutory obligations there may be

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The benefits to you

Longer-term future benefits for your assets and control over your operating cost

You receive bespoke technical maintenance offering you:


  • Optimised maintenance costs for your building
  • Improved comfort for your occupiers and a lasting tenancy
  • Service providers’ compliance with contractual commitments. Our staff thoroughly monitor adherence to statutory requirements
  • Up-to-date regulatory information through the on-going industry intelligence provided by our experts.

Your Contacts

Van de Putte Frédéric

Frédéric Van de Putte
Chief Executive Officer MRICS
+32 2 290 59 20


Goldfinger David

David Goldfinger
Director Property Operations
Property Management
+32 2 290 59 48


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