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Ref: 21340216
Offices To Let

Center House
Rue DU MARAIS 49/55 - 1000 BRUSSELS

Available space :
5108.00 sq.m
From :
494.00 sq.m
+32 4 933 17 164
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Offices To Let 21340216
Rue DU MARAIS 49/55 - 1000 BRUSSELS
+32 4 933 17 164
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CENTER HOUSE Rue du Marais 49/55 - 1000 Brussels Centrally located between the Botanique and the Central Station, this stylish building with character is only a stone's throw from Rue Neuve, in a dynamic neighourhood with a plenty of facilities nearby. Effective techniques. Very easily accessible by car and public transport.
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Features & equipments

  • Storage
  • Air conditioning ventilo-convectors
  • Reception
  • Outside Carparks 36

Surface details

Floor Available space Nature
0 851.00 sq.m Office
1 984.00 sq.m Office
2 984.00 sq.m Office
3 984.00 sq.m Office
4 812.00 sq.m Office
5 494.00 sq.m Office
5 Consult us Terrace
Nature Available space
Global 5108.00 sq.m
Min. 494.00 sq.m
Archive 213.00 sq.m
Office 5108.00 sq.m

Location and transport


Rogier (7")

Road access



Railway Station

Brussels Central

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